Basic information about AJAX.

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and it helps with loading data in the background and display it on the webpage without reloading the whole page. It combines a group of interrelated development techniques that can be used to develop interactive web applications in a quick development environment. Since it is a cross-platform technique, it makes the web application versatile, so that it can be used across different operating systems, computer architecture and web browsers based on Java and DOM.


Extracting the best from the technologies.

We use AJAX extensively in web application development as it enables us to create light-weight apps that load quickly and deliver a user-friendly experience. We have the technological infrastructure to support rapid development at a low cost to deliver high-quality web applications.

Our AJAX development services include -

  • AJAX.net framework .Net web application development
  • Magic AJAX framework .Net web application development Back-base AJAX framework
  • Chat application integration
  • Atlas framework .Net web application development
  • Enterprise application development
  • CRM solutions development
  • XAJAX framework PHP web application development

High Satisfaction

Clients requirement and their satisfaction is our goal.

We leverage the development potentials of each of the many technologies that are used in conjunction with AJAX to deliver progressive applications. Our varied industry experience combined with our technological excellence enables us to deliver cutting-edge applications, that are feature-rich and high in utility.