Banking Sector

Banking solutions have not migrated to the internet and the digital existence of the institution has become as relevant, if not more than the physical existence of the institutions. In fact, with new capabilities, it has become inessential for customers to even visit the branch to open an account. Furthermore, with a single, extensive portal for all banking operations, customer operations have become largely bank branch-independent.

We create highly secure solutions for banking sector as the information stored and accessed by its clients, customers, partners and employees is highly sensitive and must not be tampered with. We can design applications for particular banking operation, set-up secure payment gateways and design interactive applications and websites that will be accessible on the web platform and the mobile platform. Our solutions are personalised not only for the bank, but also for its customers.

Our solutions will cover the entire gamut of IT operations within the banking service including -

  • IT infrastructure management
  • Business solution applications
  • CRM
  • Payroll
  • ERP
  • Document management
  • Database management

Based on the commercial and personal banking activities, we will design comprehensive solutions for your business. We will integrate all the branch operations under a single system for easy access of data to review the bank's performance while adhering to the strict guidelines of the banking industry.