Education Sector

The education industry has transformed from blackboard to projectors, from textbooks to digital media lessons, assignments are now emailed to students who in turn submit it online and over 70% of the book collection in libraries are digitised and available on the online library portals. As technology has overtaken such a major part of student-teacher interaction, technology has evolved, bringing in new methodologies and making remote interactions possible.

Our solutions for the education industry have been designed to improve teaching effectiveness with interactive methodologies and to accelerate research capabilities. We have designed solutions at various levels starting right from student-teacher interaction design, to administration and teaching module design. We create applications, ERP system, websites and integrated program to enable these functions to be executed. Our design team can assist teachers to execute their ideas for lesson planning with beautifully done graphic animations. We can also create communication portals for students and teachers to interact with one another, and also for teachers to interact amongst themselves about better systems.

Whether it is for classroom training or distance education, we have solutions that will enable streamlined execution. We can help your institute realise its ambitions for going global to capture the larger student community across the globe with agile cloud solutions.