FMCG & Retail

FMCG & retail organisations need strong distribution networks in order to ensure that the products reach the end customers on time. With new formats of retailing emerging and coexisting with the traditional retail stores located in far-flung areas, seamless distribution methodologies and channels have to be maintained. Further, the question of management and control gets complicated with multiple production units, regional offices, associate agents and partner networks.

Our solutions are designed to enable FMCG and retail businesses to manage their daily operations and long term operations with equal efficacy. Our association with the clients whose businesses vary from running supermarkets, stores, eCommerce businesses to manufacturing companies has enabled us to gain a bird's eye view of the industry operations and key requirements.

Our IT solutions for the FMCG and retail businesses include -

  • ERP software development and installation
  • E-Commerce website and web application development
  • Interactive website design and development
  • Remote management services with cloud technology
  • Data management and analysis
  • Application design and development
  • QA Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

We engage our clients through the development process to ensure that the development and deployment is aligned with their long-term business strategy. Our development work is initiated with profitability and functionality in mind for the end-user.