What is jQuery, AJAX and HTML 5 ?

Know what jQuery, AJAX and HTML 5 are.

jQuery, AJAX and HTML 5 are essential web technologies that are used in conjunction for programming by website design and development community. jQuery is an extensive JavaScript library which eases the process of writing JavaScript programming for developers. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and it helps with loading data in the background and display it on the webpage without reloading the whole page. jQuery provides several methods for AJAX functionality. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML which was designed to deliver rich content without any additional plugins. It delivers graphic animation, music, movies and can be used to build complex web applications.


What we offer you in HTML5.

MSP Concepts website developers use HTML5 to deliver rich websites that are infused with rich and progressive features. We use these powerful platforms to create versatile websites and also deliver the following services -

HTML 5 -

  • HTML5 application development services
  • HTML5 games development
  • HTML5 based Mobile apps development services
  • HTML5 plugins development
  • HTML5 UI design and Prototyping services
  • Flash to HTML5 migration services
  • HTML5, CSS3 website development
  • Silverlight to HTML5 migration services

MSP - HTML5, jQuery and AJAX Team

What we can do for you.

MSP Concepts website and web application developers are a fountain of talent. We handle every new project as an opportunity to not only use our knowledge to create a useful product for the client, but we also try to create something unique and apply new features or funtionalities that will leave the users spell-bound and earn high ROI to our clients.