Information Technology

Information Technology service providing companies offer diverse solutions for businesses that pan across various industries. However, not all IT solutions providers offer the same software solutions, and often need the support of other companies that offer the service. The constant challenge and threat IT service providers face is the emergence of new technology that makes the old technology redundant. They have to constantly keep themselves updated to stay relevant and in business.

In business, there is a time for adopting new technologies, it is not always sensible to employ new resources before testing the markets. Whether you are a full-fledged IT company or the IT department of a company with different business interests, we may have exactly the service you are looking for. Our company provides a range of technological solutions and have resources with a host of technical expertise to address your particular needs.

We extend our services for IT solutions providers who are seeking assistance where -

  • There are no skilled resources (man power, technology, technical expertise etc.)
  • There is a small requirement for technical assistance in the larger development process
  • QA testing
  • Support and maintenance

We provide low cost solutions and work on rapid development projects using open source platforms majorly, but also employ licensed platforms when required. Our development team are all domain experts who have working knowledge of related technologies and easily collaborate with the technical teams of other companies too.