Insurance companies work with innumerable clients, for long terms and for a range of products with diverse maturity dates. Their customer associations are long term and they are governed by stringent rules and ethical policies. In today's complex scenario, the complexity of insurance products has further escalated with partnerships and operations beyond borders, which are possible due to the simplicity rendered to these operations by strong IT infrastructure.

We enable insurance companies to work seamlessly staying within the ever-changing regulatory paradigms, across the globes and with clients, customers, partners and employees and their varying needs. We address insurance industry challenges access, manage, protect and deliver revenue opportunities, sell new products and maximise business value with their data assets.

Our IT solutions for insurance companies include -

  • CMS development
  • ERP development
  • Insurance premium and return calculator development and integration
  • Database management
  • Website and web application development
  • Multi-language, multi-currency support
  • Mobile solutions
  • Customer/ client account creation and management

Apart from the pan-India solutions we also deliver specific solutions for insurance companies. We adhere to strict non-disclosure agreements and will assist you with managing sensitive information on a secure platform. Our solutions are designed to be flexible to incorporate the changing needs of your company.