iPhone-iPad-iOS-Objective C

Know about iPhone-iPad-iOS-Objective C

Objective C is an object-oriented programming langauge which is used by Apple for the iOS operating system used on the iPhone and iPad, and its application programming interface Cocoa Touch. Objective C is a superset of the programming language C and provides a dynamic runtime. IOS applications are built from a network of objects which are instances of Objective-C classes and are mostly available on Cocoa Touch, though there is enough felxibility on the platform for the developer to write their own class.

At MSP Concepts we use the Cocoa Touch framework for the writing the codes for the new iOS application using Objective C and xCode integrated development environment (IDE). Our iOS developers are familiar with the development requirements of the iOS platform and leverage the software development tools to create applications that are highly agile, intuitive, responsive and sensitive to the requirements of the iOS environment. Objective C follows a defined coding convention which the developers have to adhere to in order to create an app successfully. Our developers are certified professionals who will deliver exactly what is demanded by the client.

MSP Concepts developers are not only highly skilled at using the Objective C programming language, but know how to leverage its potentials to create applications that will be robust and having far reaching utility. In case of common features, we reuse existing codes which enables us to reduce development time and cut costs simultaneously.

iPhone-iPad-iOS-Objective C++

Know about iPhone-iPad-iOS-Objective C++

C++ and Objective C are both supersets of the C language and hence both use C features along with additional features contained in each language. Both Objective C and C++ are object-oriented, with differences in their features. C++ comes into action at compile time while Objective-C plays its role in the run time. Objective C is a great alternative for developing applications on the iPhone.iPad iOS platform, however, when a cross-platform application is being created, C++ would be the better option. Also, C++ is a lot faster than Objective C for development purpose.

MSP Concepts uses Objective C++ mainly for creating applications on iOS platform for iPhone and iPad when the application will be later launched on the Android platform as well. The advantage we find is that most of the codes are written on the C++ platform and the minor codes required for gluing the codes with Android or iOS environment can be written on Objective C. This method of leveraging the potentials of Objective C++ enables us to offer a distinct cost advantage to our clients.

The benefit of opting for MSP Concepts for your iOS application development will largely be the cost-advantage we constnatly endeavour to offer our clients along with high-quality product development. Our iOS developers are highly sought because of their innovative approach and their creative inputs that makes the applicaiton a best seller!