Basic information about Java.

Java is a concurrent, class-based and object oriented programming language with the "write once, run anywhere" code structure that is platform-independent. Development on the Java language is architecture neutral and portable, besides being secure and robust. And computer program that is implemented with the Java language will run similarly on any operating system. These characteristic features of the language has enabled developers to create unmatched software products that are secure, reliable, scalable and adaptable.

Java in MSP

Extracting the best from the technologies.

At MSP Concepts we use Java technologies such as -

  • J2EE
  • XML technologies
  • Web technologies such as Adobe Flash
  • Databases including MySQL, Oracle
  • Frameworks such as MVC, Persistence, AJAX
  • Mobile development with J2ME, JDBC

We use these technologies for the following services -

  • Web developments
  • Application development
  • Software development
  • Java mobile development
  • Java migration
  • Custom Java development

High Satisfaction

clients requirement and their satisfaction is our goal.

We offer end-to-end Java development solutions including software architecture, design and development. Our developers are updated on the latest Java technologies and build high-performance products with scalable design and secure foundation.