Basic information about Magento.

Magento is the most favoured open source CMS platform for developing eCommerce websites. It uses MySQL relational database management system to manage the large amount of data and PHP programming language with elements of Zend framework. This versatile architecture of the platform enables developers to create robust eCommerce platforms that are rich in functionalities. The Magento platform employs object oriented programming with the MVC architecture along with the entry-attribute-value model. All these features contribute towards quick development and extensive data management capabilities.

Magento in MSP

Extracting the best from the technologies.

Magento is our favourite platform, especially when we are approached for eCommerce development. In fact, we have launched many, immensely successful eCommerce websites and web applications on this platform. The dynamic development environment and the rich features of Magento enables us to stretch our imagination towards uncharted territories and employ revolutionary techniques. Our flawless development model coupled with Magento's rich functionalities enables us to deliver user-friendly websites.

High Satisfaction

clients requirement and their satisfaction is our goal.

Our Magento services have earned renown in the industry for the dexterous delivery and response from our developers. We have been recognised not just for our platform knowledge, but also for the commercially viable application of the knowledge to deliver agile results.