What is .Net ?

Know what the Microsoft.Net is.

Microsoft .NET is a programming framework that developers use to create applicaitions with pre-written codes, adding minimum changes. As a licencsed framework, .NET offers high levels of security to applications and it offers unparalleled flexibility to work with different languages on its framework. Irrespective of whether the framework is object-oriented (C#, VB.NET etc.) or more functional (F#), developers can create stable products in the end, which are feature rich. Windows server is easy to confgure, so development process is far more easier with .NET.

MSP - .NET Team

What we can do for you.

MSP Concepts uses Windows .NET framework to build both Windows and web applications that are highly data oriented. We use the framework in a variety of projects and our developers are credited for building original features into applications by leveraging the flexible development model of the .NET framework.

.NET services

What we offers you in Asp.NET.

MSP Concepts development team can perform the following .NET services for you-

  • .NET-Based Products Customization
  • Windows Desktop Development
  • Silver light Development
  • Windows Azure Development
  • SharePoint Development
  • Net Suite Development
  • Dynamics CRM Development
  • Dynamics RMS Development
  • Net Data Management Solution Development with Reporting & Analysis (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SSIS, SSRS, Crystal Reports, ADO.NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, NHibernate, etc).

Our Dedicated Team.

At MSP Concepts we have a team of highly talented Microsoft Certified .NET developers who have worked on numerous successful projects and in the process have gained unparalleled experience and expertise with the platform. They apply their profound knowledge to work magic on complex projects to deliver excellent results that have earned us praise and credits from our clients.