Non Profit

Non-profit organisations have unique needs even though their mode of operations and the regulations that govern them are quite distinct, their IT solutions requirement aren't. Their finances do not come as much from doing good business as they do from donations, due to this they are audited more often and a high level of transparency and accountability has to be maintained. Further, the programs they operate and the scale of operations and the awareness programs create unique needs for such institutes.

In our experience, we have understood that in order to continue their good work, non-profit organisations have to generate good public relations to make their work visible and to create awareness amongst the general public. Their IT requirements are no less, in fact, they are challenging and complex, but the budget allocated for IT operations are not as high. We offer low cost open-source solutions with short development time to enable non-profit clients to stay in action without encountering problems.

The solutions we offer, including ERP software, website and web applications and other enterprise solutions are quite business-like, since it enables the organisation to maintain a level of transparency. We also design donor and larger public engagement models that will enable the non-profit institute to market itself and spread the message. We deploy powerful systems that will streamline operations and maximise returns, while ensuring that the organisation can concentrate on its operations while we manage their IT needs.