Basic information about Phonegap.

Adobe PhoneGap is an open source framework which is used for creating mobile apps using standard web APIs for cross-platform development. The platform has tools that use HTML, CSS and JavaScript files to manipulate the user interface and convert the application into platform-specific deployment service. The platform supports application development for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 & 8, BlackBerry, and Symbian.

Phonegap Plug-ins Phonegap Features
Accelerometer Bar-code Scanning
Camera Bluetooth
Contacts Push Notification
File System Text to Speech
Media Player Calendars
Network Availability Social Media Connect(Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Phonegap in MSP

Extracting the best from the technologies.

At MSP Concepts we utilise PhoneGap to use the native device capabilities to run on multiple platforms using a single source code. It enables us to execute faster development process for cross-platform applications, which supports native features of individual platform such as retina display, accelerometer, offline storage, etc. We reuse codes across different operating systems and create custom applications that are W3C compliant.

Our PhoneGapp app development services include -

  • Custom app development for multiple platforms
  • PhoneGap AIR simulator for app testing
  • App redesign and development
  • Application porting
  • 3rd┬áparty application integration

High Satisfaction

clients requirement and their satisfaction is our goal.

You will find that our PhoneGap developers are knowledgeable about the different mobile operating systems and their individual environment. This enables them to advise you correctly about application development requirements for the individual platform.