PHP & MySql

Fast growing development technology.

MySQL is the one of the most widely used open source databse management system used in server applications. It is the key component of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL,Perl/PHP/Python) open source web application software stack. PHP is the most popular general purpose server-side scripting language embedded in HTML that is used for creating dynamic web pages. When used together, MySQL represents the backend support to a frontend PHP website. Together, both technologies present a highly cost-effective solution with a flexible model.


MSP Concpets use PHP and MySQL to provide clients with a complete package for their website and/or web application development. We have used the technologies for robust development for our clients on many websites and web applications that are highly data driven. Some of the services offered by us include -


  • PHP application development
  • PHP website development
  • PHP eCommerce development
  • Custom PHP development
  • PHP content management system development
  • PHP programming and scripting

In MySql-

  • MySQL Remote DBA
  • MySQL Server Architecture and Design
  • MySQL Troubleshooting
  • MySQL Cluster and Replication
  • MySQL High Availability
  • MySQL Performance Tuning and Optimization

Our Dedicated Team.

MSP Concepts is recognised for our consistently great results in working with time-bound projects. Our development team is appreciated for their originality of approach and creativity in application.