Transportation & Logistic

Transportation and logistics companies depend heavily upon software solutions to keep the supply chain streamlined and error free. Supply chain industry has by far the most complex requirement and for transportation and logistics companies, this only escalates as their scale of operation is global. Agile software technology is the backbone of transportation and logistics companies.

Some software that every transportation and logistics company uses include -

  • Supply chain software
  • Warehousing software
  • Database management software
  • ERP software

We understand the complex requirements of the transportation and logistics industry and the issues and challenges faced by them in daily operations. We have solutions to manage record maintenance, order dispatch and delivery, shipment control among other core functions.

Our key solutions cover -

  • IT consultancy
  • IT infrastructure design and deployment
  • Web solutions including applications and website development
  • Low cost solutions for best-in-class frameworks
  • Stable infrastructures mapped on a secure cloud server
  • Mobile application development
  • IT Support and maintenance

We offer sophisticated solutions for connecting the different channels, centres, customers and partners in the process at different levels. We will address your business need for communication, shipment control, delivery management and any other unique business development requirement.