Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism industry is rife with complexities as the operations run on a global scale and the competition is intense. Also, a single travel agency has to be associated as a partner with a number of agencies such as IATA, airlines, railways, roadway services, etc. The larger agencies even offer package tours that have to manage end customers for a duration of 3 days at least. The logistics and operations are very complex and expectations are great.

Strong communication channels and applications for ticketing and partner and client management, with an interactive interface ensures smooth operations.

Our solutions are designed to -

  • Enable timely communication of marketing offers and other relevant information
  • Streamline interactions and activities with partner agencies
  • Engage customers beyond linguistic barriers
  • Build a consolidated database for customers and partners
  • Engage customers with a personalised experience
  • Improve process efficiency and administration

We offer solutions that are highly personalised and tap on the mobile market effectively. Whether it is launching a website, a blog, application or any other utility and management application, we have relevant solutions that will fit into your budget and scale up or down as per your business requirement.